Monday, February 1, 2016

Mural Wall Clock

Hello World !!! 

Here I am once again . When it comes to crafting, I really love and enjoys creating different crafty things or trying out different methods to get things done. So when we moved to our new house, I decided to decorate with decor pieces made by me. This time I wanted to make wall clock for our living room .

I have done name plates for my friends but this was be my first try in India with all different materials .
Here are some progressive steps while doing this clock.

First I got one pre cut hardboard from craft stores and clock machine from watch shop.

With the help of local carpenter, clock machine was fitted into hardboard. ( if you got your own drilling machine, its 5 mins job)

Then Ganesha was crafted with fevicryl Shilpkar.

Then using mixture of Dent-Plast & Fevicol was applied all over hard board to give texture. With few gravels were glued at both bottom and top.

Coloring was done after board was thoroughly dried. The finishing touch for Ganesha done by acrylic colors.

and here you are !!! Below is my final product.

Hope you all will like it and get inspired to create something new.
It was really fun doing wall clock.
Plz leave your valuable suggestions n comments !!!
Cheers !!!